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pregnancy, childbirth
and postpartum preparation

This service is intended to support you to be empowered to command the most autonomous, personalized childbirth experience as possible. Preparation is centered around evidence-based education, self awareness practices, support systems, and nutrition with the intention to support you in navigating your pregnancy, labor/delivery and postpartum experience.

Breakdown of service:

  • Access to a compilation of evidence based information and definitions with a keen focus on common tests and interventions throughout pregnancy, labor + delivery and postpartum such as labor induction and non-medical/medial pain management.

  • Building a personalized labor + delivery plan.

  • Building a personalized postpartum plan.

  • Prenatal and postpartum visits (in person or virtual).

meal preparation

Custom meals prepared to help nourish you. A great option to support those in the final weeks of pregnancy, to welcome home after birth, during aftercare of a loss, need support to still have nourishing meals in the fridge to balance a busy schedule and/or simply don't have it in you to prepare meals for yourself.


Menus can be customized to best meet dietary needs and preferences. Items on the menu are inspired by my Mediterranean roots, food and beverage industry exposure, love for Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine and education on Ayurvedic practices.


Packages are booked by week and include 3 meals of 2 servings each. If you’re interested in more information please complete the contact form.


services note

*If these packages do not exactly meet your needs, let’s talk about what you are looking for so we can work together to figure out an accommodation or help you find someone to support you.

**Sliding scale and payment plan options may be available if funds are a barrier to book my services.

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