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The reproductive journey looks different for everyone. I believe that everyone on that journey should have access to unfiltered information and personalized support to help navigate the complexities of the pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum process. 


Hi! I'm Andrea and I'm a birth worker based in Philadelphia, PA. My goal is to support people in commanding the most autonomous pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum experience as possible. My support services are centered around education, self awareness practices, support systems, nutrition and more.


My story

In 2019, while pregnant with my daughter, I enlisted the support of a doula. Working with my doula, I learned many of the intricacies of the reproductive journey and was able to get clear on my birth preferences. When nearing my expected delivery date (read: due date), my care provider tried to schedule me for an induction (something that was part of my preferences) not because it was medically necessary but because “it worked best with the practice’s vacation schedule”. Armed with information and support provided by my doula, I was able to navigate the situation from an educated, empowered place. In 2020, shortly after my daughter’s first birthday, I enrolled in a full spectrum doula course with Birthing Advocacy Doula Training in hopes that someday I could help birthing people achieve the most autonomous childbirth experience possible.

Education + Experience


  • Temple University, Bachelor of Science (Tourism and Hospitality Management)

Wellness Trainings 

  • Reiki I

  • Birth Advocacy Full Spectrum Doula Training 

  • American Red Cross // Child and Baby First Aid/CPR/AED

Other trainings 

  • Temple University Inclusive Supervisor Program

  • Moving Into Practice: A call to action for the current times (Yoga Home)

  • From Home to Haiti (service immersion program Yoga Home + Hope for Haiti)

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